The Stocks With Highest Short Interest Rate of the week 16-4-2021
The Stocks With Highest Short Interest Rate of the week 16-4-2021

Investors are always looking for opportunities to profit from the most heavily shorted stocks on the stock market. Here are the stocks on the market with the highest short interest including Viacom CBS Inc, Sunrun Inc, Iron Mountain Inc, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and American Airlines Group.

1. ViacomCBS Inc - 15.96%

ViacomCBS Inc (NASDAQ: VIAC) provides premium entertainment content that connects billions of people all around the world. They use their platforms to connect the world, create culture, and mark important moments in history. ViacomCBS has a P/E ratio of 10.86 and their dividend yield sits at 2.37% this week.

2. Sunrun Inc - 13.27%

Sunrun Inc (NASDAQ: RUN) designs, develops and installs residential solar energy systems in the United States. They provide solar energy services and products to over 134,000 customers across 16 states. Sunrun Inc sells solar service offerings and installs solar energy systems for homeowners. Sunrun Inc is down 2.15% and previously closed at $51.25 on Wednesday.

3. Iron Mountain Inc - 12.93%

Iron Mountain Inc (NASDAQ: IRM) is an enterprise information management company that is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer solutions such as record management, data backup and recovery, and secure shredding. Iron Mountain Inc is up 0.026% and has a P/E ratio of 32.06% this week.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd - 12.42%

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NYSE: NCLH) is a cruise line company that was established in 1966 and incorporated in Bermuda, They are a leading global cruise line company that offers itineraries to more than 490 destinations worldwide. Norwegian cruise lines are up 0.20% and they previously closed at $29.41 on Wednesday.

5. American Airlines Group Inc - 12.28%

American Airlines Group Inc (NYSE: AAL) is one of the largest airlines in the world and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. American Airlines serves nearly 50 countries across the globe and is a founding member of the OneWorld global alliance. This stock is down 0.33% with a dividend yield of 1.78% this week.

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