Coinbase x Mastercard: The collaboration becomes effective
Coinbase x Mastercard: The collaboration becomes effective

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with the company Mastercard. It even unveiled the goal: to promote and revolutionize the experience of buying non-fo

Increasing the popularity of NFTs

In an article published on its website on January 18, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said it has partnered with Mastercard to make NFTs more accessible to all communities. The ultimate goal pursued by both companies is to present NFTs as "digital assets" that anyone can use. In short, both companies hope to increase the popularity of NFTs.

Coinbase doesn't just plan to promote NFTs. It has also announced that it will "unlock a new way to pay" using Mastercard. However, on this point, the company did not provide any additional details. It just announced that more information will be provided in due course.

Leveraging Mastercard's vast global network

The new partnership between Coinbase and Mastercard comes just weeks after the announcement of the launch of Coinbase NFT, which will be a peer-to-peer marketplace. This marketplace will give people the opportunity to mint, acquire, showcase or (have) NFTs discovered. In any case, the goal is "to improve the customer experience on the new platform."

While Coinbase plans to offer a better NFT experience to its customers, it is not forgetting to develop new ways to offer NFTs to the community. For this, it wants to leverage Mastercard's vast global network. Therefore, there are chances that the cryptocurrency exchange will look for other partners, in addition to Mastercard, to achieve all its goals.

According to Coinbase, NFTs play an important role in fulfilling the exchange's mission of "increasing economic freedom around the world" by allowing more people to join the creator economy and profit from their work. The company highlighted accessibility and consumer experience as two particular areas of focus for increasing the adoption of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

To increase the popularity of NFTs and make non-fungible tokens more widely known, Coinbase has entered into a new partnership with Mastercard. The digital financial asset exchange plans to leverage Mastercard's expertise, experience and network.

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